Hannah discovers that her boring Maths teacher is actually a superhero called Ant Man. He takes Hannah to a Superheroes Anonymous meeting for superheroes who can no longer use their powers, where Hannah meets Rat Man, Robin Hood, The Chef and Wasp Girl. Current health and safety regulations forbid them to use their super powers, so they are hampered in their ability to rid the world of evil. Biff

Meanwhile, Dr Strangeglove, the most evil of all evil villains, and his sidekicks Dr Unpleasant and Dr Whatever, are plotting to take over the world. They plan to disable all schools by sending the school secretaries radioactive paperclips – with the schools in chaos, the economy will crumble and the country will fall prey to the villains.

Ratmobile The heroes hear of the evil plan, and, persuaded by Hannah that they don’t need super powers to save the day, they head off to the stationery warehouse in the Ratmobile where the paperclips are being stored.

The villains and the heroes meet each other at the warehouse, and a battle ensues, which involves the heroes making fools of themselves with their limited powers. Finally, Hannah calls for help and her friends arrive with the Health and Safety Officer, who reverses the regulations, and the heroes save the day by splattering the villains with The Chef’s cream pies.

Paper clips