Superheroes Anonymous is a copyright work, but we would love your school to be able to stage the show as easily as possible. It's best to follow this procedure:

1. Contact us

Please email enquiries@maynovation.com (you can click on that link) to check availability or to ask for further details. Please include contact details, the address of your school, and the number of performances you expect to stage.

2. Buy the Publication Pack

Publication pack

A comprehensive publication pack is available for purchase. It includes the hard copy script, piano song score, character profiles and suggested costumes. You can make copies of this pack as required for your own production.

A CD is included that contains all backing tracks and sound effects for putting on the show, and full song tracks to help with rehearsing the songs.

To receive the pack by mail in the UK at a cost of £25 including postage, you can use this PayPal button:

To receive it by mail in any other country at a cost of £35 including postage, you can use this button:

3. Buy a Performance Licence

If you decide that you want to stage a production of Superheroes Anonymous, you can do so on a fixed-rate royalty basis by purchasing a performance licence to cover up to three performances.

Use this PayPal button to purchase the licence for £25, which you will receive by email: